About Jon Buckley

Jon Buckley is vice president of operations for DBM Designs, Inc., which has been in the direct mail business for over 25 years, providing database marketing support, data processing. direct mail printing and mailing services for nonprofits as well as business-to-business and business-to-consumer direct marketers and their agencies. He started with DBM Designs almost 20 years ago and now has hands-on responsibility for database marketing strategy and data processing services that include mailing list acquisition and management; direct mail data prep (CASS and PAVE); data conversion and output to standard formats; merge-purge and file de-duping; data coding and data segmentation by client criteria; NCOA and address hygiene; postal pre-sorting and reports; response tracking and analysis; batch processing and custom data programming. He also oversees DBM Designs' handling of full-color, sheet-fed, web, continuous-form and envelope printing, and especially variable data printing for creative targeting and personalization. And finally, he insures quality mailing services that include mailing list data processing, mail tracking, and postal optimization for faster delivery and postage savings.

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