Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Want to Rev 2016? Commit to Data-Driven Marketing

Whether it's the latest digital marketing trend or traditional direct mail, bottom line success depends on smart use of targeted customer and prospect data. So for all those seeking growth and profit in 2016, we wanted to pass along five great data-driven marketing goals proposed by database marketing veteran Mike Ferranti, founder and CEO of Endai Worldwide, in a recent Target Marketing magazine post. Ferranti starts by urging investment in a scalable prospect database program, which requires mating transactional data about your best customers with other data about them (demographic, psychographic, behavioral) to find the most predictive factors for targeting prospects who will respond and convert into more good customers. His No. 2 suggestion is identifying the gold customers in your database for new loyalty programs to "retain and delight"--and that means going beyond personalized e-mail and a nominal discount now and then. A true investment in VIP customers pays big dividends. A third idea for data-driven growth is to use your analytics-optimized database to identify customer purchase patterns for targeting by next likely customer purchase (before competitors snatch a sale). Similarly, the database can be modeled for targeting by next likely product or segment purchase, timing to close gaps otherwise filled by competitors or lower-priced buys. Ferranti's fifth suggestion is aligned with all of the above: improved segmentation that structures for queries and segmented targeting to optimize sales from both existing customers and acquisition of new customers. Are these easy goals? Heck, no, but they pay off in terms of profit and sales growth--and we are ready to help any clients who want to get started. For more discussion, see the full post at

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