Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Survey Finds Big, Dirty Challenge in 2016: Customer Data

Direct marketers know that quality data is at the heart of their success. Yet three-quarters of customer service, data, marketing, sales and tech professionals told the latest Experian Data Quality survey that they will be struggling with inaccurate data in 2016--undermining efficiency, customer satisfaction and profits. From a recent Direct Marketing News magazine report of Experian findings, respondents cited their main data quality problems as incomplete/missing data (60%), outdated info (54%), duplicate data (51%), inconsistent data (37%), and typos (30%)--and more than half attributed that bad data to human error. Indeed, when it comes to the biggest obstacles to improving data quality, respondents cite the two top challenges as lack of internal knowledge/skills and lack of internal human resources. As a data services provider, we're happy to see that underperforming data quality vendors is at the very bottom of the list of impediments to better data (cited by just 7%). So what kind of projects can we expect from clients this year if they join the push to tackle data issues? Those surveyed said they'd be working on data cleansing (37%), data integration (37%), data migration (31%), and data enrichment (31%). If you are still wondering if data quality is worth the investment, consider the top five reasons given for improving data quality: increasing efficiency (56%), enhancing customer satisfaction (41%), enabling more informed decisions (39%), saving on costs (39%), and protecting brand and reputation (34%)--all goals with a positive impact on the long-term bottom line. For more report details, read the DM News story at

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